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What’s Your Story?

We all have a story to share. What determines whether the story is shared is YOU! You may be thinking, “But that story has already been shared”. A similar story has been shared, but not yours. No-one can share your story the way you can to impact those you are called to impact.

So what if you don’t look like them, sound like them, move like them! Who are THEY to determine your impact? You were created a unique individual to reach a unique audience and you can do it! “How?”  I’m glad you asked!

Here at Speak Life, LLC we offer a variety of services for those who are ready to share their story! From workshops to coaching and even publishing.  We are your one stop shop! Once you come to us, you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Our workshops cater to those who are self-directed. This means you can be presented the information and SOAR like the eagle you are. Our coaching program is a program catered to the individual. It not only includes accountability, but all the things you need to become a successful author step by step.

Here’s what we Offer:

Writer’s Challenge: This challenge, held twice a year, January and July, challenges authors and aspiring authors to pick up their pens and write. The challenge will push you and aide you in producing an e-book. Stay tuned for information on how to join our July challenge.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Accountability
  • Writing Prompts
  • Writing Goals
  • Tips on meeting your writing goals
  • Discount on Author’s Workshop
  • Discount on Personal Author Coaching
  • And MORE!! You never know what surprises will show up.


Author’s Workshop: This 5-week training course shows you how to become the author that is within. If you have ever had a question about what it takes to become a successful author, this is the workshop for you.

What Will You Get?

Week 1– Pen to Paper- During this action packed week, you will walk away understanding how to go from a blank canvas, to beginning to see the picture develop. I’ll share some of my tips and tools to help you begin to write you story and not stop until it’s complete.

Week 2– Fix Those Mistakes! – As the writer you shouldn’t be concerned with anything but writing. Well, maybe the layout, but other than that, you will need a TRUSTED editor. During this week I will give you several reasons why having an editor is better than letting a machine do it and provide you with a few of my own trusted editors.

Week 3– Lab Time- Now that you have a finished work and you’ve selected an editor, it’s time to choose your choice of publishing. This week we will dive into the pros and cons of doing it completely alone versus allowing someone else to do the work for you.

Week 4– Show IT OFF!! – All the work you’ll do will NOT be in vain. During our 4th week, I’ll teach you some effective ways to market before and after the book is out.

Week 5– This course wouldn’t be complete without knowing when the dollars will flow in. In our final week together we will go over the financial side of being an author.


I know, I know, you want to know what the investment is for the course. Well… for a limited time only you can get this course for ONLY $50! That’s only $10 per class!!! This course is valued at over $150 so get it while you can.

Our next class will begin Thursday, August 3rd. Prior to the class we’ll have a FREE 31 day writing challenge. If you would like to secure your spot in for the August class, sign up here and you’re in. We’ll send you all the details needed two weeks before class begins.



Looking for a way to publish your book and cut out the middle man? Are you able to follow instructions and obtain he required results? If so, we here at Speak Life have the perfect product for you. This product will walk you through the process of becoming an author without the middle man and extra expenses. This product will provide you with the guide needed to become an author in your timing. What’s the product you ask? Well, we have created a workbook with the independent author in mind. This workbook takes you from start to finish in the journey to becoming an author. It provides you inspiration, motivation, and the roadmap to making your dream a reality.

The workbook is scheduled to be released April 1st, but you don’t have to wait until the workbook is released to order. You can order it today and have it at your front door by April 1st. Sound good? Click the book below to place your order.